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IS A GALLERY promotes and exhibits international and domestic artists, designers, scholars, and writers. As a platform, IS A GALLERY is committed to supporting practice-driven communities. In addition to the professional handling and promotion of both emerging and established practitioners, IS A GALLERY offers opportunities for cross-media and cross-practice conversations that may not otherwise occur. Beyond well-considered gallery programming, IS A GALLERY also uses its web, print, workshop, and other situational resources to showcase scholars and educators as well as designers and artists. This approach is guided by a sensitivity to context, possibility, and the future of practice.

Donations and financial support programming, artist fees, outreach, website maintenance, and other considerations as needed.

Annual Support

Support is accepted through PayPal donation or other means. Email IS A GALLERY to donate through a different method or to set up recurring support.

Media Support

IS A GALLERY is an alternative gallery located in Jing'an District, Shanghai, inside of Shanghai Printing Technology Research Institute (Ing Park), the birthplace of modern Chinese fonts and one of the first type foundries in China. The type foundry was established in August 1956 and even created the occupation of type designer. Established in early 2021, the gallery provides an open environment for domestic and international artists, designers, curators, educators.

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